Beauty is everywhere

To begin this story, first we have to introduce Jean to you. Son of a science professor and a physicist, he loved art. He adored art. When he could, he would take the bus and, as he lived in a distant suburb, he would cross the whole city in the direction of the city center, the heart of beauty. Every time he was there, he visited a new museum and then, either the day was sunny, or the weather was bad, he sat on the banks of the Seine and started painting. He painted the beauty of Notre-Dame, always the beauty of Notre-Dame. We all tried to tell him that there were many other things to paint, but he obstinately continued to represent only the beautiful Notre-Dame, each time with a different emotion, each time through a different perspective.
To continue this story, we need to talk about Camille. She is a thin and blond girl living in the suburbs of Paris. Her father was a politician, her mother was a diplomat, Camille loved poetry. She adored poetry. She would walk all around the city and, when she found the most appropriate and fertile place for her ideas, she sat down and started dreaming. After the dream, there was the emotion and then the writing. She was almost always on the banks of the Saint-Martin Canal. Looking at the flowing water, she put her hand on the notebook and started writing everything she had in her mind. She was sure: her thoughts were shaken by the movement of the flowing water.
These two innocent, slightly bohemian spirits found themselves locked within the walls of their own house. Indeed, the arrival of a terrible pandemic forced everyone to stay at home and to never leave it. Everything was closed. Nevertheless, it didn’t matter to the two young people. The real problem was the impossibility to go out to see the beautiful Notre-Dame or to look at Saint-Martin Canal’s water. Camille tried to keep writing and to be inspired by her genius in her bedroom. Jean looked at his paintings and tried to imagine the cathedral in front of him but his hand, even if it was in contact with the canvas, no longer moved.
Her parents were worried to see how sad and almost absent their girl looked when she ate with them. And the situation was even worst at Jean’s place, he stopped eating. We all known that sadness can take away everything: hunger, time and energy. The two young people thought they could not continue to paint and write about beauty. Their parents, irritated by this situation, scolded their children, but things did not change.
Luckily, spring was giving the first beautiful days and Jean and Camille thought it was better to be sad on their terraces than in their bedrooms. Fate or magic began to play with their lives taking them out on the terrace at the same time.
Camille went out with her notebook and pencil and Jean with his canvas and paintbrush. They had never seen each other before. The two terraces faced each other. While Jean was drawing the sketches, Camille started writing. And finally, they saw each other. They understood in a glance that beauty was not only the beautiful Notre-Dame and that inspiration could also come from an artist who paints and not only from the water of Saint-Martin Canal. And they began to see the other person as a masterpiece. Every afternoon, they went out on their respective terraces, they worked for each other, without saying anything and only looking at one another. They knew very well that not only were they making art, but also they were falling in love.
They couldn’t talk, they couldn’t touch each other, they couldn’t kiss each other, but they were making art, which is almost the same thing.
Therefore, my young readers, let me tell you a secret: beauty is everywhere, you just need to look for it and fall in love with it.

Pubblicato da Grandi Storielle

Siamo sei ragazze, Carola, Celia, Hannah, Livia, Morena e Sara che si sono conosciute in Erasmus a Chambéry e hanno ora deciso di mettere a disposizione la loro piccola ma grande arte per tutti.


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