The wardrobe

That morning he just could not stay in bed. He lay awake for over an hour and every time he closed his eyes to try to go back to sleep, he hoped that time would speed up and that when he woke up he would see the sunlight coming through the thin slits in the shutters of his bedroom. He had to wait, but he was too enthusiastic, too exuberant to lie down, pretending to sleep in his pajamas. After counting the sheep, repeating the multiplication tables and reviewing the Christmas nursery rhymes, he was astonished when he saw it was eight o’clock in the morning. There was not a minute to lose, the great day had arrived: the day of the wardrobe. Today he was officially entering the adult world. But now, my dear readers, I think it is necessary to tell you something about this wardrobe, which is located at the entrance of all the houses in this big western metropolis. It was systematic: as you entered a house, therefore a private home, you would find a big wardrobe with a mirror of the same size, either on the right or on the left side of the entry. Up to this point you will tell me that everything is normal. You could tell me that it was the wardrobe for coats and jackets, and that the mirror was there to look at yourself one last time before leaving the house. You could tell me that it is a little bit strange that everyone has one, but that you do not see anything wrong with that. It is true, but this wardrobe does not contain elegant furs or summer vests. It does not even contain gloves or hats. This closet contains… Well, let’s ask our protagonist. “Hey, young man”. The little boy wakes up with a start. “Are you talking to me?”. “Of course, we are talking to you, who else otherwise? We know that today is your day, the day of the wardrobe”. He stands up on the bed, imagines a crowd in front of him, takes a hand to his heart as if to sing the hymn and he gloriously declares: “Today is the day of the wardrobe and I am becoming an adult”. Well, my dear readers, in this western metropolis when you discover the content of the wardrobe at the house entrance, that means you are entering the adult world. Or rather, the so-called adults. Not even the time to say it, he takes off his pajamas, washes his face and brushes his teeth, grabs his slippers and, while trying to control his breath, he runs down the still dark stairs. His father, imagining his son’s enthusiasm, was already in the kitchen having breakfast with his wife. They were not looking at each other, because they were focused on following the news from the smartphones and the television. The breakfast was set, tidy and ordinary. A coffee with milk and two cookies with some jam for her, a toast and a bitter coffee for him. Would you like me to describe them to you, wouldn’t you? Just to have a more real view of the scene. I cannot. Or rather, I can tell you that the kitchen is nice but quite conventional and particularly cold. I can still tell you that she was very elegant in her tight pants and in her white linen blouse. On the other hand, he was still wearing his black silk pajamas and he was barefoot. As for the faces, I really cannot tell you anything. I do not understand why, but it is as if I cannot see them. I am trying in every way, you know that I would do anything for my reader, but I just cannot. But right now, the parents notice their son leaning against the kitchen door, looking at them with a dreamy look. “Hurry, honey, let’s go in front of the wardrobe”. And here they are, the three of them in front of the closet, at the entrance of a new life. The little boy, between his two parents, does not speak but rubs his hands and then stretches them along his pants, on which they leave stains of sweat. His father, not really excited, is about to open the closet door; his mother is aiming at her son’s gaze through the lens of her mobile phone, waiting for his reaction. Everything is ready. The door opens. A light invades him completely, illuminating his astonished and puzzled look. His mother seizes the moment, his father moves away, in order to have a more complete vision of the scene and he leaves the young man alone in front of the new reality. “Well, I don’t understand, but these are…”. “Say it, my love, say it out loud”. “These are masks!”. “Of course, my love, they are masks! But look how easy it is, you just have to get used to it. The first time it hurts, you feel almost guilty because you are covering your real face. But look how well mom and dad are wearing them. Don’t you see?”. “But they crush my nose, my temples hurt and then they’re not my size”. His mother, almost upset by the innocent complaints, says: “But darling, it’s not the mask that has to fit your face, it is your face that has to fit them. Take us as an example, we are unrecognizable without masks, we no longer have our traits to show. The mask becomes your identity. You have to decide the right mask to wear, depending on what you want to do. By the way, my dear, I really have to run away, pass me that one there. No, not that one, the other one a bit irritated but with a little smile, and this meeting in the office will quickly come to an end”. “Look son, let’s take one just like it and let’s go to the park”. “But daddy, I don’t want to go to the park”. “Here is the advantage of the mask. When you become an adult, you only do things you do not want to do, and most of the time you don’t care about them at all. Adults invite people to dinner they do not like, they buy clothes to show them to the others, they eat as advertisements tell them to and they work for money. But no one will ever know that, because they take a nice smiling mask and look like the others would like them to be. That’s it”. “Daddy, then I’ will take that mask which laughs a lot, and I am coming to the park with you”. “Good thing, darling, and take a spare one, maybe sadder, you never know”. The little boy then thinks that in this way he would not have to pretend anymore, because he would have been covered by a mask that pretended in his place. He had entered the adult world, and he already felt that all that history of emotions was something to overcome. And then, if he had once been sad or if he wanted to cry, he would have put a nice mask that made ʺAHAHAH.ʺ

Pubblicato da Grandi Storielle

Siamo sei ragazze, Carola, Celia, Hannah, Livia, Morena e Sara che si sono conosciute in Erasmus a Chambéry e hanno ora deciso di mettere a disposizione la loro piccola ma grande arte per tutti.


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