It only took five minutes

6 am.

Lucy puts the key in the keyhole of the front door. She holds her breath thinking she will make less noise this way. She turns the key.

Luca, her son, sleeps soundly in his bedroom next to the hallway leading to the kitchen.

Paul, a sixty-year-old bachelor who lives in the upper floor, wakes up. He gives a look at the time and takes a deep breath. He sits on the edge and stares into empty space. He looks troubled.

At that moment, the street cleaner cleans the pavement right in front of the apartment building.

On the third floor, Sophie has pretended having a sudden stomachache and has slept on the couch that night. As for Jack, he sleeps in their double bed, with his little daughter next to him.

6.01 am.

Lucy closes the door gently, so that it does not slam. Before crossing the entire hallway, she enters Luca’s bedroom. She moves closer to the bunk bed and watches him sleep, then she looks up to search for Viviane, his twin, but the bed above is empty. Astonishment.

Luca dreams of fighting against three dragons at the same time and seems to win thanks to his magic wand.

Paul continues to stare into empty space and, feeling hot, touches his forehead. He has been sweating all night. It never happens to him; he does not understand. His hands drip with sweat, the sheets stink. He needs to take a shower. A cold one.

At that moment, the street cleaner has stopped next to the building gate and is sending a message to his new girlfriend. – Good morning, my love -.

Sophie woke up, she looks through the window. The city is still dark, the moon is still high in the sky, there is a street cleaner looking at his phone and she feels like dying.

6.02 am.

She started running. – Why isn’t she in her bed? Is it normal that I do not find my daughter in bed after knocking off work and after a hellish nigh at the hospital? Yes, a hell of a night, because they obviously put me in the room 23, since I do not know how to say “no”. I really want to know what my husband is doing. How can he never notice anything? -. Nobody is in the bathroom. She does not feel good. She goes to her bedroom with a firm step.

Luca turns to the side of the wall; these dragons are tough to fight against!

Paul is in the shower, he feels less weak and turns the shower head to the right. He starts crying under the steam of boiling water. He holds on to the wall and keeps his head down. The water drips from his hair and over his body, he tells himself: – I am scared, I am really fucking scared! -.

The street cleaner whistles Lucio Dalla, he is in love.

Sophie receives a message from her mother-in-law, since her last WhatsApp connection was at four am. – Does the baby keep you awake? -. Sophie looks at the mobile with hatred. Thanks to a unusual force and a special energy, she goes to the toilet and starts putting on her make-up.


Lucie opens her bedroom door wide and walks towards the bed, without worrying about the noise she might make. Her husband suddenly wakes up and, before Lucy can open her mouth, he puts his index finger on her nose, accompanying this gesture with a -SHHHH-, then he points at Viviane who is sleeping, all curled up on him. Lucy smiles, telling herself that sometimes she is really anxious for nothing. She whispers -Sorry, sorry-. I am coming too.

Luca snores.

Paul gets out of the shower, takes a bathrobe and, spreading drops of water all over the house, goes into the living room and picks up the phone. A few seconds go by – Hello, hello Doctor, tell me-. Paul takes a deep breath and then suddenly says: – I am not going to operate today. Give this case to someone else, I do not want to operate on this child. – He hangs up.

The street cleaner looks up and sees that the lights are already on in several apartments of the building. He crosses the street to clean the pavement in front of it.

Sophie has decided: no foundation cream, just a pretty, red and dark lipstick. She also puts some mascara on. She takes her makeup bag and puts it in her bag. She goes into the bedroom, turns on the light, and starts opening Eleonor’s drawers to get some warm clothes. James turns over in his bed, then he notices that the light is on and wakes up – What are you doing? Why are you clothing our daughter? – Eleanor is crying.


Lucie puts on her pajamas and gets into bed. Viviane spreads her legs and arms, she seems to want to touch both her parents. Lucy and her husband burst out laughing.

Luca has now defeated the first dragon in his dream.

Paul calls the medical department head, his best friend, Mario: – I have reached the end of my strength. I can no longer operate. I made a mistake last time, a child died because of me. Do not leave me this patient, I do not want to operate anymore, I do not want to do anything. I cannot take it anymore, I do not want to operate anymore, I am old. I am just a miserable old man. –

The street cleaner continues to hum, while checking the notifications on his mobile phone.

Sophie holds her daughter in the arms, put her in the stroller and they are now in the living room. Jack is standing beside the bed. Sophie enters her bedroom, locks the door and takes her mobile phone.


Lucy, Viviane and her father are sleeping.

Luca has defeated all the dragons.

Paul feels good, he feels free. He thinks he will not cause any more damage. Mario has been offered to train the new surgeons so that he will never have to touch a scalpel again in his life, if it suits him. He takes the photocopies of his patient’s exams and starts to read them again while he is making some coffee.

Sophie reads aloud the message from her mother-in-law. She then decides to send her a voice message: – Hello Anna, I wanted to tell you that I have not slept all night and it is not the little one’s fault. However, I found out that your son has been cheating on me for a few weeks with a young girl he met at the gym. And I just wanted to figure out how to tell him and how to tell you that your son has to leave this house by noon, when I come back home with Eleonore after visiting my parents and my lawyer-. Jack looks at her dizzy and falls at her feet. Sophie gets out of the bedroom, holds her daughter in the arms and leaves the house.

The street cleaner receives a message – Good morning to you, sweetheart -.

Pubblicato da Grandi Storielle

Siamo sei ragazze, Carola, Celia, Hannah, Livia, Morena e Sara che si sono conosciute in Erasmus a Chambéry e hanno ora deciso di mettere a disposizione la loro piccola ma grande arte per tutti.


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