Super G or Super K?

Everything was clean, everything was tidy: the blackboards, washed and dried, showing the sentence Good morning guys, be the best present ever! The hot thermos on the desk of the teacher’s classroom, the heating, which had been on for about one hour, and some newspapers, of various headlines, next to the indispensable Hemingway on the small wobbly desk near the entrance. One of those engraved by the students on the wooden edges and marked with ink spots forever. This wobbly desk was made stable by some papers folded under one of its legs. And here is the usual routine: Teresa, an irritable and pedantic science teacher, used to arrive before everyone else and used to greet him. But then, while entering the teachers’ classroom, she managed to get a big and beautiful smile when she found her hot coffee waiting for her. And then it was the turn of all the other teachers: Marco taught religion but was better known as a skilled referee between the two trees used as goalposts during the break. Giulia, the best Italian teacher in the world, usually had a tired face, sharp strokes of foundation cream and vanilla fragrance. Then: “Good morning Carlo, Good morning Luisa, you are in great shape. Headmaster, how nice to meet you, would you like some coffee? It is ready”. And then came the children. He would rush out as soon as he heard their voices. He was not even wearing a coat, he would go out in his uniform, and greet mothers, made small talks with grandmothers who accompanied their grandchildren to school. He knew all the first names of the students and their families. He greeted, among others, Beatrice’s uncle (4B) and the two of them would start commenting on Sunday’s football matches, and then he would welcome the children who arrived by bus. When he heard the usual long and loud honking from the driver, who, guess what, was also one of his friends, he would put on a colorful bib. He would direct the traffic in the small square next to the school so that there would be no danger for his children. Then he would enter the building and ring the school bell. He would sit on his little table and give a high five to all the students who entered. Marta, 3A, was fascinated by this gentle giant and she only talked about him at home. Every Monday, she would bring him a drawing she had made and sometimes also something to eat. Fabio, 1A, would only enter his classroom after hearing his words, otherwise he would stay on the landing and cry, because he really did not want to go to school. Guglielmo, 5C, the most reckless, impulsive and rude student in this small school, would help him clean up after school. Our protagonist was called Super G, super giant, because of his build: two meters and a few centimeters of kindness and goodness. When everyone entered the classroom, he would sit down and start reading his novels and newspapers, huddled in his little desk. That morning, while he was reading his old Hemingway, he had felt a presence near him. It was the Headmaster. – This morning also the Director is with us… – he had thought and, after bending the page of the book, he turned towards him, scraping his big knees under the table.

– Sorry for asking, but do they really call you Super G?

– Well yes, ah ah ah ah! he replied amused.

– But could I know your real name?

– I would rather not mention it.

– Look, there is no time for jokes. Is it true that you steal snacks from children?

– Me? Sorry, I am not the kind of person who would steal from people.

– Yet, I have received several reports of some of your behaviors that I consider unacceptable. Is it true that you hug the children or hold their hands?

– Yes, only if they are scared or if they need comfort.

– Also, is it true that there is a boy who helps you with the cleaning after school?

– Of course, sometimes he helps me, but it is more a way to help the kid. He needs to talk and more importantly, he needs an adult’s opinion. If he does not want to work, I will not make him work, he just sits down and tells me about himself

– Oh sure, that seems normal to me. I am afraid to ask you this last question. Is it true that you arrive here before the contractually agreed time?

– Yes, because I have to write on the blackboards.

– Sorry?

– I said I have to write on the blackboards and I have to prepare the quotes of the day and leave them on my little table for everyone to read.

– You are fired.

– No wait, I don’t get it… What? I love my job and then…

– Your behavior is inappropriate and dangerous for the children.

– Dangerous in what sense?

– In the sense that it is as if they were your children and you, their father.

– Of course, because I love them.

– What do you mean by “I love them”? That is why I have to fire you, because you love them. I cannot trust you.

– Your life seems to be sad.

At that moment he stood up, two meters of kindness rose to the sky and, looking at the headmaster from above, he told him: -I am sorry for all those people who are like you. All those who still have not understood that love is never wasted, never. I see everything differently from above and I am not talking about a physical height, but a spiritual one. “What does a poor janitor know about it”, you will think. So, here I go, and I will bring with me all the unneeded love that I have wasted with hugs, snacks, chats, with my words for them. You can fire me, but tomorrow morning I will be here in front of the school, and the day after tomorrow as well and every week I will bring hot thermos for the teachers, I will take Marta’s drawings and I will talk to Guglielmo after school. You can fire me as a janitor, but not as “Super G” or, even better “Super K” which means “Super Kind”. My dear headmaster, kindness is a permanent contract.

Pubblicato da Grandi Storielle

Siamo sei ragazze, Carola, Celia, Hannah, Livia, Morena e Sara che si sono conosciute in Erasmus a Chambéry e hanno ora deciso di mettere a disposizione la loro piccola ma grande arte per tutti.


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