Coincidence or destiny?

Poor Massimiliano. Look how he tries to fight against time to arrive punctual. But what is he doing? He is going to put his sweater inside out! Poor Massimiliano, he does not know that he will never get to the cinema on time. Anyway, he gives it a try. Right now, he is running into the garage, but he has forgotten his jacket on the armchair in the hall. He realizes he did not get it after starting the car. He looks up to the sky, grumbles and tries to get out of the automobile without taking off his seatbelt. At that moment, he slams the palm of his hand against the steering wheel, shouting something which is better avoid repeating, unfastens his belt and opens the door wide. He takes the stairs, grabs his jacket, goes downstairs, and gets back in the car. Yet, he has left the remote control of the garage door in his coat, which is in the bedroom. And then, it happens all over again: the struggle against the seatbelt, the slap on the steering wheel and the running up the stairs.

Poor Giulia. She is so affected by weather conditions. She was standing with her glass of wine by the window, watching the cold that seemed to enter her veins directly. She is happy to be home. Happy to be quiet, to have the fireplace lighted up, a new stereo, a good salary. Everything is like this… The house is tidy, the paintings had been hung, the family and friends’ photos are visible on the bedside table, the kitchen is perfectly neat. It is al like that… Moreover, she lives in a nice neighborhood, the small balcony overlooks the park she loves so much, and her favorite restaurant is right below her house. And everything is so…boring.

Massimiliano managed to get out of the house. Considering what has happened before, this sounds quite good. Now he turns towards the wide tree-lined avenue and drives at full speed towards his destination when, suddenly, a metallic voice warns him: – Incoming call from Giulia -. He had completely forgotten. Giulia was waiting for him. But why? Why didn’t he like this girl so pretty, so polite, so… boring?

Here is what Giulia needed. She needed to change, to get out of her house, to feel the cold on her face, to go for a walk, and not to stay all alone in her tidy one-bedroom apartment. More, she needed to get some fresh air, without thinking about anything, without going to the same next-door restaurant. She needed to get her shoes dirty with mud by the pond in the park and come home only once she felt exhausted, or alive. She slams the door, is about to walk through the gate, but then realizes she has forgotten her jacket, she was too busy with her thoughts. She laughsand enters her house.

Yet, he does not want to go to the appointment. Of course, he does not want to go. Therefore, he double parks with his hazard lights on while playing for time. And then he sees it, on the corner. His cinema, or as he liked to call it, his cinematography. No, he did not feel like going to a bland aperitif on the other side of the town. His destination was now theatre 3 with the old black-and-white movies. Giulia could wait. He parks his car next to a parc.

Giulia is now ready to leave her house and, just as she is about to leave the building, Gaia, the janitor, stops her. She talks for the umpteenth time about the new couple on the first floor saying they make too much noise, “but how is it possible, we cannot take it anymore and blah blah blah”.

Massimiliano locks his car and takes the right-hand pavement. But what is the point? Why did he cross the street? He must be lost in his thoughts and suddenly he stops. A girl has just cut him off while coming out of a front gate. He seems to recognize her. It is her.

Giulia made up her mind, she will go to the park. She is about to cross the street when she hears a unique voice.

“Giulia, listen. I saw you and thought that maybe…”. But he cannot speak. He stops because Giulia is more beautiful than ever. Without make-up, so natural, so Giulia. The real and only Giulietta had come back to town and Massimiliano met her in the street by chance.

“Massimiliano! What a surprise. Well, you see, I am going to the cinema, so I’d better to get a move, we will keep in touch”. Therefore, she runs off with this little excuse and a little lie, also.

No, it would not have been like that. Giulia hates the cinema. They both know it well. Once he would have blamed her, now, on the contrary, he would have avoided going there.

“I was going to the cinema as well. No, let’s make things plain. I was going on a date with a girl called Giulia, like you. Then I realized I do not want to pretend anymore, so I was going to the cinema alone and then I met you. No, I do not feel like going to the cinema because I would like to do whatever you are about to do”.

“I do not know what I am going to do”.

“Well, then let’s get in line. Let’s watch a random movie, then we will talk about that movie, about these five years and about the fact that I have not changed at all until a few minutes ago”.

“No, Massimiliano. I do not think this is a good idea”.

“I knew it. I deserve it, after all I have done to you”.

“No, what I actually mean is that even after five years I still do not want to see any of your boring black and white films in Theatre 3”.

They burst out laughing. She had a unique memory for small things. Therefore, they go to the cinema, not knowing which film they are going to see, but knowing it will be amazing.

Pubblicato da Grandi Storielle

Siamo sei ragazze, Carola, Celia, Hannah, Livia, Morena e Sara che si sono conosciute in Erasmus a Chambéry e hanno ora deciso di mettere a disposizione la loro piccola ma grande arte per tutti.


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