A very unusual fish

Here we are finally in his kingdom: the bridge. However, he keeps telling me he likes more being up in the air, closer to the sky, higher than all the busy streets, and right above the water. Then, he also told me that water is the most valuable asset in the world! Therefore, I stick my head out of the bridge, I want to see and understand what water is since he has been speaking a lot about it. I am happy as I look at the water flowing under our feet; yet I am disappointed.

– Ah, this is it… the water you have talked so much about…

– Aren’t you happy? Look at that!

– But it is brown, it is dirty, it almost looks like mud.

Tha trump stops for a second. He does not speak. He is thinking, “Anyone who sees water from the city bridge thinks it is brown. That person does not know what it was like before and will never know what it really looks like.”

I insist. -You have told me so much about this bridge! I am happy to be here. The truth is that I did not expect the water to be like this. Anyway, look, I am seeing a fish for the first time! –

The tramp is thrilled. He wants to see what his friend’s finger is pointing at. However, he does not see any fish. He immediately asks him: – Which fish? What are you talking about? –

I reply with pride: – Look, I have taken note of everything you taught me. How can you not see it? You told me that in the river there are fish, small beings which live in the water, and that they can be seen from the surface. Then this is a fish! –

The tramp looks desperately at the river and realizes that what is floating in the water, and that every now and then it sinks because of the current, is certainly not a fish.

– No, that one is a plastic bottle.

– Is it a type of fish?

– Of course not, but is that a question?

– And why is it in the river like a fish?

“Good question, this is really a good question. He asked himself that only after a few hours spent on this Earth and we, the Humans, who have been living on it for generations have never really wondered about that.”

– I have seen it now! I should have guessed that the fish was smaller. So, there it is, look how small and cute it is. Come, come here!

– But that is…

“No, I do not tell him the truth. How am I supposed to explain to him what a cotton swab is? No, I will not tell him”.

– Look! There is another one! And another one there. How cute they are!

– But son, look…

– Yes, yes, I know. It is not a normal fish.

– Exactly, I did not know how to tell you. I wanted to try to make you understand but you do not know how difficult it is and I am so ashamed. Yeah, I am so ashamed and…

– No, but you do not have to be ashamed, I understand, it is a plastic fish! It is not under the water, he floats on top. of it

– Mmm… That is true! You are right ! But you know why he doesn’t float? Because that is not its home. Hurry up! Let’s go save them, run!

A passerby sees the tramp with his friend who is running along the river and is picking up all the plastic that was around, while shouting: – Hurry up, let’s save it! – The tramp didn’t feel like saying that it was his fault, the fault of his fellow citizens who offered him food and cigarettes, the fault of the mayor, the fault of that passerby who looked at them from the bridge. And the shouts continued: – You’re saving the plastic, put her in that trunk so it will be safe. – But the trunk was nothing more than a plastic collection bin, and they shouted happily to save all the garbage they could find.

The passerby on the bridge walked away chuckling under his breath, “These two are saving the plastic…this is so weird!” Then the homeless man yelled, “We’re saving the plastic, which is true, but we are actually saving your grandchildren too!”

The passerby does not turn around, and the two friends continue to rescue the plastic fish. And so, dear readers, if you ever see any plastic fish in trouble, follow the advice of these two friendly characters, forget the words of passersby, and go help them! Our world needs people like them and like you!

Pubblicato da Grandi Storielle

Siamo sei ragazze, Carola, Celia, Hannah, Livia, Morena e Sara che si sono conosciute in Erasmus a Chambéry e hanno ora deciso di mettere a disposizione la loro piccola ma grande arte per tutti.


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