Writing is a journey

Writing an essay has always been such a complicated matter. It is a real challenge, because you are alone. You are alone in making decisions. In which way should I start? Which words should I use to create a text which would not exist without me? How do I want to frame my own creation? The creator, generally speaking, of a vase or of a piece of music, is almost always alone and afraid, because he knows that he will be alone in taking decisions. Moreover, he knows that whatever happens to his creation will be his responsibility. Therefore, he is worried.
The beginning of a story is the beginning of a journey. You do not know how fast you are going; you do not know if there will be an immediate steep climb or if the road will take you up endless hairpin bends or a boring straight stretch. You are alone. However, if we understood that writing and walking are the same thing, then we would be less afraid.
You can start with long sentences, a continuous succession of those endless periods where you put unpleasant relative pronouns and never stop with all those concessive, hypothetical subordinates etc..
Or you can start with a question. How will this path be? While you are asking yourself this question, you have started to walk and, as a consequence, you have started to write. If there is a nice plain, we can put some nice descriptions, so as to set the reader and the walker in the right place. And then, look at this! A nice cliff, so a nice exclamation! Let’s raise the reading rhythm and the walker’s heartbeats. Come on! Let’s go! And with a lot of enthusiasm, we finally enter the plot of the story. A series of roads which are intersected, slippery, complicated. We have now arrived just before the long straight. All this means that you have to be curious until the end, with a few small climbs, a few long sentences, the tension rises… until… Here come the ellipses. We keep the suspense going and we do not specify anything yet. Do we want to drive our reader and walker completely mad? Let’s put in a nice parenthesis, let’s get away from the subject, let’s make them wait. (How long these waits are). And just when we were no longer expecting it, here it is. What a spectacle, what a view. The wait and the effort paid off. We have reached the highest point in history, the highest point of the journey. And now? And now, with this beautiful view and this written page, you will have understood that writing is like
walking. Walking is like writing. And writing and walking are like living. Living life is a succession
of exclamations, ascents, questions, descents, and suspension points. And what will we have learned? That all punctuation marks are necessary: sometimes in life you need to know how to put a full stop. Other times, with some people, nice semicolons, as if to say “you can but not quite.” Other times, how nice it is to be with people with whom you can make big question marks and big exclamation marks. Some experiences, some friendships and some loves are, alas, just great parentheses. However, if you think about it, how nice it is after so many ellipses to find a nice aphorism, a nice happy ending. And remember that every now and then, with certain people and certain environments, it is better to put a full stop to things. Will it be difficult to start again? Yes, but there are still so many new stories to be told.

Pubblicato da Grandi Storielle

Siamo sei ragazze, Carola, Celia, Hannah, Livia, Morena e Sara che si sono conosciute in Erasmus a Chambéry e hanno ora deciso di mettere a disposizione la loro piccola ma grande arte per tutti.


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