Other people’s stories

Untied shoes, a foot in a puddle. The umbrella got stuck between the bag and the coat, one of the long ribsgot caught in the pocket, and she pulls it, until she almost loses her balance: the umbrella is broken. It israining cats and dogs and the cold-water sticks to her hair on the frontContinua a leggere “Other people’s stories”

Synonyms and antonyms

Synonyms and antonyms The lesson was about to start. Girls and boys, sat at their desks, were laughing, chatting and shouting. Entering the classroom, amidst the students’ cheers, Maria, the teacher, went to her desk and asked for silence. Debora, in the second row, had already opened her red notebook, the one of her favoriteContinua a leggere “Synonyms and antonyms”

A Sunday like any other

The television remained on, despite the empty couch. Anita, on the balcony, was shouting over the phone waving her hands, as though she wanted to prove her innocence, even physically, to a person in front of her. While sobbing, she kept on repeating that she was angry too, that she was very sorry. She hadContinua a leggere “A Sunday like any other”