The heart of a story

The real secret is not to feel at the heart of every story. Sometimes, this one does not even belong to us, we did not understand the plot, the ending or the beginning. Nevertheless, we still want to take over it. This is because we have been taught that we are the centre of everythingContinua a leggere “The heart of a story”

Mama Africa

The mother is sitting on a wobbly chair. Her hands are crossed in her lap. Her face is tired, the wrinkles around her mouth are slightly pronounced and run down the chin as if crushed by gravity. The weight is something you can feel. The weight of a back used to arching too many timesContinua a leggere “Mama Africa”

The favorite subject

“Good morning, your name please?” “Good morning, my name is Marco Vivaldi” “How old are you? “I am eighteen years old” “What subject are you good at?” “Maths” “Grade?” “A” “Very well, here’s one magazine, two flyers and a few brochures for you. You will find everything you need here.” Marco goes away. Behind him,Continua a leggere “The favorite subject”

The shortest journey

It was a typical Friday afternoon. At the end of the classes, Marco hung out with his classmates. To tell the truth, he went out with them only to see Chiara: a dynamic, cheerful and interesting girl. Marco defined himself as a very wise boy, therefore too boring and not handsome at all. In addition,Continua a leggere “The shortest journey”

Writing is a journey

Writing an essay has always been such a complicated matter. It is a real challenge, because you are alone. You are alone in making decisions. In which way should I start? Which words should I use to create a text which would not exist without me? How do I want to frame my own creation?Continua a leggere “Writing is a journey”

The house in the woods

In the small mountain village, people where only talking about one thing. Someone had returned to live in the little house in the woods. Marco and Luca swore they had seen it with their own eyes: the smoke was coming out of the old chimney, the rooms were lit up and a song was echoingContinua a leggere “The house in the woods”

A very unusual fish

Here we are finally in his kingdom: the bridge. However, he keeps telling me he likes more being up in the air, closer to the sky, higher than all the busy streets, and right above the water. Then, he also told me that water is the most valuable asset in the world! Therefore, I stickContinua a leggere “A very unusual fish”

All the gravity’s fault

Inexplicably, perhaps due to a technical error during the journey, he had arrived at the wrong destination. And consider that he was told: “Remember, when you pass by the Earth, do not slow down, do not stop, but speed up”. They had also provided him a clear explanation of a force. How was it already?Continua a leggere “All the gravity’s fault”

Coincidence or destiny?

Poor Massimiliano. Look how he tries to fight against time to arrive punctual. But what is he doing? He is going to put his sweater inside out! Poor Massimiliano, he does not know that he will never get to the cinema on time. Anyway, he gives it a try. Right now, he is running intoContinua a leggere “Coincidence or destiny?”

A taxi ride

Another ride, another race. Two passengers get on as soon as the others have just left. The square called “Piazza dei Cinquecento” is a jewel located just in front of Rome’s Termini station, which has a constant flow of people who arrive, leave, hurry, and wait. After that, I grab a cappuccino at “Café Trombetta”Continua a leggere “A taxi ride”