Travelling by tram

What a wonderful day. It was raining, it’s true, but Clara was radiant. After such a long time, someone had finally noticed her. Since she was a child, she loved writing. When she was asked: “So Clara, have you decided what do you want to do with your degree in literature? You will surely becomeContinua a leggere “Travelling by tram”

Family lunch

The day had finally come. She would have met all of them at her place for lunch. All her children were finally coming home. She promised herself to sleep that night, she even brought her cup of relaxing infusion to her bedroom, to sip it till she closed her eyes. He had arrived, had laidContinua a leggere “Family lunch”

Beauty is everywhere

To begin this story, first we have to introduce Jean to you. Son of a science professor and a physicist, he loved art. He adored art. When he could, he would take the bus and, as he lived in a distant suburb, he would cross the whole city in the direction of the city center,Continua a leggere “Beauty is everywhere”

The first day of school

The first lesson.“Good Morning everyone, welcome to the Italian literature course. There is no better way to introduce oneself than by asking a question. What is literature? Here he is, a fearless volunteer. Your name, please?”“There is no better way to introduce oneself than by answering a question. Literature is no fucking use”. General buzz.Continua a leggere “The first day of school”