All the gravity’s fault

Inexplicably, perhaps due to a technical error during the journey, he had arrived at the wrong destination. And consider that he was told: “Remember, when you pass by the Earth, do not slow down, do not stop, but speed up”. They had also provided him a clear explanation of a force. How was it already?Continua a leggere “All the gravity’s fault”

Coincidence or destiny?

Poor Massimiliano. Look how he tries to fight against time to arrive punctual. But what is he doing? He is going to put his sweater inside out! Poor Massimiliano, he does not know that he will never get to the cinema on time. Anyway, he gives it a try. Right now, he is running intoContinua a leggere “Coincidence or destiny?”

Travelling by tram

What a wonderful day. It was raining, it’s true, but Clara was radiant. After such a long time, someone had finally noticed her. Since she was a child, she loved writing. When she was asked: “So Clara, have you decided what do you want to do with your degree in literature? You will surely becomeContinua a leggere “Travelling by tram”

The first day of school

The first lesson.“Good Morning everyone, welcome to the Italian literature course. There is no better way to introduce oneself than by asking a question. What is literature? Here he is, a fearless volunteer. Your name, please?”“There is no better way to introduce oneself than by answering a question. Literature is no fucking use”. General buzz.Continua a leggere “The first day of school”