A viagem mais breve de sempre

Situação clássica de sexta-feira à tarde. Terminadas as aulas, Marco saía com alguns dos seus colegas de turma. Na verdade, saía com eles apenas para estar com Chiara: engenhosa, alegre, interessante. Ele, por outro lado, definia-se muito maduro, e por isso demasiado aborrecido, e por isso nada bonito. Além disso, ele era tímido. Uma timidezContinua a leggere “A viagem mais breve de sempre”

The house in the woods

In the small mountain village, people where only talking about one thing. Someone had returned to live in the little house in the woods. Marco and Luca swore they had seen it with their own eyes: the smoke was coming out of the old chimney, the rooms were lit up and a song was echoingContinua a leggere “The house in the woods”

A very unusual fish

Here we are finally in his kingdom: the bridge. However, he keeps telling me he likes more being up in the air, closer to the sky, higher than all the busy streets, and right above the water. Then, he also told me that water is the most valuable asset in the world! Therefore, I stickContinua a leggere “A very unusual fish”

All the gravity’s fault

Inexplicably, perhaps due to a technical error during the journey, he had arrived at the wrong destination. And consider that he was told: “Remember, when you pass by the Earth, do not slow down, do not stop, but speed up”. They had also provided him a clear explanation of a force. How was it already?Continua a leggere “All the gravity’s fault”

Coincidence or destiny?

Poor Massimiliano. Look how he tries to fight against time to arrive punctual. But what is he doing? He is going to put his sweater inside out! Poor Massimiliano, he does not know that he will never get to the cinema on time. Anyway, he gives it a try. Right now, he is running intoContinua a leggere “Coincidence or destiny?”

A taxi ride

Another ride, another race. Two passengers get on as soon as the others have just left. The square called “Piazza dei Cinquecento” is a jewel located just in front of Rome’s Termini station, which has a constant flow of people who arrive, leave, hurry, and wait. After that, I grab a cappuccino at “Café Trombetta”Continua a leggere “A taxi ride”

The crossroads of emotions

An intersection of roads. Some of them seemed to be real bypasses: large, paved and imposing; others were narrow and curvy alleys with small curves and big holes; others showed nice tufts of grass and some colorful flowers among the stones. This image describes only one side of the crossroads: if I had to tellContinua a leggere “The crossroads of emotions”

Sunday morning

-Is everything alright? – -Yes, yes, thank you – -Well, it looks more like the opposite, show me. May I? – He gently lays his index finger on the boy’s cheek and collects a tear that was running down the right side of his nose. Then he observes his index finger and first, naively, looksContinua a leggere “Sunday morning”

Super G or Super K?

Everything was clean, everything was tidy: the blackboards, washed and dried, showing the sentence Good morning guys, be the best present ever! The hot thermos on the desk of the teacher’s classroom, the heating, which had been on for about one hour, and some newspapers, of various headlines, next to the indispensable Hemingway on theContinua a leggere “Super G or Super K?”

It only took five minutes

6 am. Lucy puts the key in the keyhole of the front door. She holds her breath thinking she will make less noise this way. She turns the key. Luca, her son, sleeps soundly in his bedroom next to the hallway leading to the kitchen. Paul, a sixty-year-old bachelor who lives in the upper floor,Continua a leggere “It only took five minutes”