Sunday morning

-Is everything alright? – -Yes, yes, thank you – -Well, it looks more like the opposite, show me. May I? – He gently lays his index finger on the boy’s cheek and collects a tear that was running down the right side of his nose. Then he observes his index finger and first, naively, looksContinua a leggere “Sunday morning”

Super G or Super K?

Everything was clean, everything was tidy: the blackboards, washed and dried, showing the sentence Good morning guys, be the best present ever! The hot thermos on the desk of the teacher’s classroom, the heating, which had been on for about one hour, and some newspapers, of various headlines, next to the indispensable Hemingway on theContinua a leggere “Super G or Super K?”

It only took five minutes

6 am. Lucy puts the key in the keyhole of the front door. She holds her breath thinking she will make less noise this way. She turns the key. Luca, her son, sleeps soundly in his bedroom next to the hallway leading to the kitchen. Paul, a sixty-year-old bachelor who lives in the upper floor,Continua a leggere “It only took five minutes”

The night before

 Leaving or remaining? Travelling or staying? These are the biggest questions for us young people. She asked herself: “If I do not do it now, then when will I do it? She had to make her own experiences, she had to make her individual decisions, and a bit of war and peace with herself. SheContinua a leggere “The night before”

The mythical Mulberry flower shop

The gloomy weather weighed on London city. It was a grey, melancholy Saturday, and a sort of malaise seemed to grip Bond Street from the early morning. In spite of this, there was a place, or rather a shop, in which all the smells and typical noises of the boisterous city were not allowed toContinua a leggere “The mythical Mulberry flower shop”

The painting

It was a wonderful day. One could have foreseen it from the first lights of dawn. The sun was already hot, but a pleasant and light breeze was swinging the shutter of the long window in her bedroom. In this way, moments of total darkness alternated moments of pure light which annoyed the girl’s sleep.Continua a leggere “The painting”

The wardrobe

That morning he just could not stay in bed. He lay awake for over an hour and every time he closed his eyes to try to go back to sleep, he hoped that time would speed up and that when he woke up he would see the sunlight coming through the thin slits in theContinua a leggere “The wardrobe”

The gecko

Like every summer, grandparents took the children to the beach. It was now a ritual: they would spend the whole month of July on the beaches of Liguria. It was the best time of the year for Matteo. He loved the sea, its smell, its color and the long dives he allowed himself not beyondContinua a leggere “The gecko”

Travelling by tram

What a wonderful day. It was raining, it’s true, but Clara was radiant. After such a long time, someone had finally noticed her. Since she was a child, she loved writing. When she was asked: “So Clara, have you decided what do you want to do with your degree in literature? You will surely becomeContinua a leggere “Travelling by tram”

Family lunch

The day had finally come. She would have met all of them at her place for lunch. All her children were finally coming home. She promised herself to sleep that night, she even brought her cup of relaxing infusion to her bedroom, to sip it till she closed her eyes. He had arrived, had laidContinua a leggere “Family lunch”